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Re: [roclimb] Blacklick Rocks
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No matter what our personal opinions of an area, I would hope that if you are going to post directions to an area that is on private land and does have access issues at the very least you will make those issues known. Don't you think that you should figure these issues out before you put info in a guidebook? We've been climbing there for the last six years. You were never there back in 1999. You may not give a shit about the area because you don't like it, but I do and would hate to lose access.

****so I posted the above before I had a chance to read the previous post.

To answer your questions.
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The area off of Mt. Tabor is small but has a few large boulders. It is down from the pull off on your right at the bend coming up from Heshbon. Around the bend and up the valley as you cross the feeder stream is the cabin I believe you are referring to as I noticed quite abit of quad paths leading out from the cabin into the forest as I ran by. It is quite a nice piece of land the cabin owner has if it runs down to Blacklick Creek and the SGL boundary.

That's the place
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Exactly what is his opinion. Is it that he is only comfortable with your group personally, or is it a "i don't care as long as it doesn't get out of hand"?

Well my group has been the only climbers he has probably met out there. We met him one day while he was cutting down some trees. We talked I explained who I was and what I was doing. He said he doesn't mind people using his land but doesn't want large groups, people there during hunting season, or people going near old mines. I've ran into him a few other times and said hello. He's a nice guy but I never talked to him about more formal climber impact like clean ups. I've carried my share of trash though. I told him I wouldn't give directions to the area.
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Climbers I know who have climbed at this area state that the area is on reclaimed mining land and township property. There are posted signs uphill from the boulders and on the opposite side of the raod. The side of the road the rock is on is NOT posted property. They tell me it is PUBlIC land. Are they wrong or are you?
There's been no strip mining on the south side where the boulders are, hillsides above maybe. The land is not posted, but the owner has built a CABIN on the land doubt he could do that with township land. Plus I take his word for what he thinks his land is.
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I'm told the whole area has been manicured with new trails at the boulders. Is the landowner you mention allowing these modifications to his property? Is this what he means by not having "a ton of climbers on his land"?
It did take some cleaning but mostly on topouts, There really aren't trails there, we aren't that ambitious. They have built some trails for 4wheelers
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If you can produce some tangable evidence that my freinds are wrong about the land ownership I will gladly modify my webpage accordingly

Do you need any more info?

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