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Mar 16, 2009, 4:48 PM

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Re: [roninthorne] Route closures at Franklin
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roninthorne wrote:
Not app- you swing back and forth between stroking and backstabbing so fast that I'm starting to chafe on both sides, k? With friends like thee, Judas...

We really do need a *raised eyebrow* emoticon on here.

You seem to think I have said or done something insincere with respect to this whole issue. While I may be guilty of a certain degree of naivety as concerns some of the issues at play (and I freely admit that may be the case), that is not the same thing as insincerity.

Thing is, we aren't gonna agree on on every issue or action Mike. I'm sorry thats a problem for you but I'm not sure there is much to be done about it. Tis simply the nature of things.

roninthorne wrote:
Those bolts will be replaced by yours truly and by Mike Fisher. He's the very laid-back Mike that many of you are confusing me, the monster asshole dickhead- all terms that, in the Universal Translator, come out as "Someone so unconcerned about being popular and sucking up to the dig-ME scene that he's willing to take a stand." Don't do Mr. Fisher such a disservice as taking out your frustrated angst on him.. he has said many times that it ain't his fight, and is the Dr. Goodwhack who originally said to me that the lot of ya wasn't worth rope nor water. He just won't waste the time to say it to you in person, and listen to all this chin music and jaw-jacking.

That Mike F. fella is damn good people and a charming gentleman to boot, of course so are you. Well, maybe not so "charming" but definitely good people. Don't worry though, I know your having a lot of fun playing the evil madman so I won't tell anyone.

roninthorne wrote:
Since you'd likely sue me for some astronomical figure, and include the cost of your lawyers, I'd really have no option but to kill you, instead, once I got a look at you in court and had my court-appointed attorney find out your home address. Not sure how, but I'd probably be able to figure something out while you were hunched over your computer, pounding pud with one hand while spewing vitriol on some other deserving asshole, or rabidly replying to this post.


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