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Re: [clausti] That time of month, oh no!
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ooop....cap lock....

The leg loops aid in making a more comfortable hang once you have come off, and reduce the strain on your ability to breath if you have to hang for more than a few seconds.

It is the waist part that you want to not F with.

Also, in the Primrose leg loops, there is a 1" flat webbing sewn INSIDE the outer padding part. The webbing inside is the part taking any stress. The outer padded part is for comfort.

I have a primrose, and.....people say it needs replacing. But it's just shredded to hell on the leg loops because I am a big chicken and scoot down descents in JTree.

I won't suggest taking some acid to the poor harness of course, but I don't think using a cleaning compound on the leg loop has any more chance of killing you than if a cat peed on it(OH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!)

Still, I would be pretty self-conscious about it if my leg loop had a blood stain. I have a cute butt and well....don't want to ruin the view for my poor belayers. hahahah

Instead of chemicals, use vinegar and baking soda. Here's the deal, from
Saturate the stain in vinegar. Then, rub with a paste made of vinegar and baking soda. If the stain persists, add a couple tablespoons each of vinegar and laundry detergent to a bucket of water, and soak over night. Rinse, and wash.

If the stain persists, you could try what the n00b guys do with their first hardware purchases - Rub it in the dirt, scrape in on some stone, scuff and dirty the thing up so people see *hardman* instead of n00b.

Or, you could wrap a little duct tape around it. But that would probably cause a lot more of a problem, since everyone and their mother will stop you and tell you how you're going to die.....

Or....patch it with a girl scout badge(or any fabric patch)! I don't know which GS badge would be...appropriate, but I had a sewing badge to patch a hole I tore on the butt (scooting down a descent in the Gunks and impaling myself on a tree branch - ow!).

edited because somehow an internet link got pasted in my text.

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