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Apr 21, 2009, 9:48 AM

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Re: [iamthewallress] Thoughts Opinions on Climbing as an Egalitarian Sport
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dingus wrote:
For both climbing and basketball - at the very pinnacle (haha) of performance, males dominate. Sorry, they just do, there is no arguing the point. Sure you can cite a woman or two who has held their own for a time but they are the exceptions.

On average, the intermural league is probably a better measure for the whole "sport".

For most of us, the elagitarian nature of the sport has little to do w/ what the superheros can climb and more to do with what happens when you head to the rock with someone who has been working about as hard as you to get where they are.

Are you both in more or less the same place for your efforts?

Can you share responsabilities...not identically, but can each person constribute his/her share? Can your strengths and deficiencies complement each other? In this way, I find climbing to be very egalitarian.

Society isn't egalitarian, so whereas many of my male partners would quit before indulging their inner wimp in ways that are totally socially exceptable for women, plenty of gals that I know are having a great time but not necessarily pushing their comfort zone as far as they might.

Biologically, the guys will always have more strength than us at the top end and most will have more reach too. Sometimes, biologically, they will be able to outclimb us or do climbs that, biologically, we might not have the equipment to ever do.

The reverse can be true too for other reasons.

Undeniably, there are biological advantages and limitations for every individual. Perhaps because there isn't much we can do about our biology other than learn to work w/ what we've got as best we can, I don't see much utility in whining about what nature didn't give us.

Often, the biology seems to get overstated to me when people aren't making the most of their own body and technique. (Personal pet peeve is people w/ shitty technique on any given crack size whining about their body doesn't fit right and reducing someone else's accomplishment to being merely due to their magic, effortless fit. It must suck to be the tall guy getting told that he can only climb x, y, or z b/c of his long reach too.)

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