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Jun 11, 2009, 1:50 AM

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Re: [bboysmeth] honest feedback please
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Well, I sort of skipped reading your post at first and just copy and pasted the link and my first impression was that the base images were decent, but that the post processing was the weak link. After actually reading your post, I realize that may seem like a redundant comment, but I put it there to say that I've independently come to the same conclusion as you.

The problem is, there isn't necessarily a right way to process the files. In a lot of cases, I don't even think that all that much needs to be done, but the shots just had a 'straight from camera' sort of feel.

I'm going to use one of your non-climbing shots as an example only because it's the clearest illustration of what I'm talking about. The very first picture in the 'other' section is a really cute shot of that little girl, but there's some stuff (maybe dried skin?) under her nose and on her upper lip, the left side of the image has a fairly pronounced blue/cyan shift, one eye is fairly sharp but the other is a bit blurry and, debatably, it's a little under-saturated.

The stuff under her nose is a quick and easy clone stamp/ healing brush job. The colour cast is also a quick fix. I will say that to me, as is, it appears wrong, but that doesn't necessarily mean that having the colour cast is wrong itself. It just looks unintentional at the moment. There are lots of different ways to treat something like this, but it has to be based on what you, as the photographer, want the image to be.

In terms of the sharpness of the eyes, there are lots of different ways to address this, but I might try sharpening with a highpass layer first. There are also many different ways to address saturation, but i this case, I'd probably just use a hue/ saturation adjustment layer and play with the saturation slider. Really, you might prefer it the way it is already, but if you're going to display it in any sort of portfolio, it's worth giving in some consideration and playing around a bit.

Most suggestions I could make on your images are tainted by my personal tastes and there are too many photos to start any sort of meaningful critique, but if there are a couple in particular that you have concerns over, I don't mind throwing ideas at you (some of which you may find useful and others which you may not.

Sorry it that's a lot of text for not much help.

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