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Jun 24, 2009, 2:09 PM

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Re: [spicytuna] Any camcorder users here?
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spicytuna wrote:
Those videos are pretty good.

The optical stabilization on my camcorder (vs your digital stabilization) may be a tad better but otherwise, there's isn't much difference in quality as far as youtube viewing is concerned.

What format are you using to upload to youtube? V9? I'm using Vegas Pro 8 as well and I can't seem to get smooth video playback on youtube. They look much better on vimeo but of course you can only upload 1 HD video on vimeo a week without paying...

Actually my Digital camera has optical image stabilization and a 12x optical zoom and both can be used while taking video. Remember image stabilization is only meant to stabilize slight movements. If you move the camera around a lot no stabilization is going to fix that. In my latest video the footing was not very good so it was not very stabile while it was hand held. Most of that video was shot on a tripod though.

What do you mean by smooth playback? Is it choppy on your computer when you select HD? Then you have to upgrade your video card to something that does onboard video decoding. My newer laptop plays everything buttery smooth. My older desktop does not. I could buy a newer video card for the desktop but I am too cheap to spend the extra $50. Try the link below. I bet that one plays fine on your computer. It is the .wmv format which is easier to decode than the H.264 used by youtube.

I use Vegas V8 for any of the movies that have been edited with music and transitions. Otherwise I just use AVSVideoConverter when I am in a hurry.

The dynamic range of my camera is not as good but Panasonic should be coming out with a replacement for their DMC-LX3 this fall that will rival all camcorders for video performance and shoot some extremely nice still pictures as well.

Here is a great page to find out what digital cameras Panasonic has. That site even has sample videos for almost all of the cameras.

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