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Re: [chanceboarder] New Canon Compact Cameras.
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I guess I just donít get the Statement, ďI would get a dedicated video camera for that if I needed video.Ē What makes you think the camcorder is better at video than the camera?

The truth is that the larger sensors in digital cameras makes them shoot much better low light video. Sure the 3 CCD sensors in camcorders are great for color representation. However, the single chip digital still cameras have great color representation on their own.

Here is an example of the kind of video I hope to shoot when I get my next camera. My current camera already does a nice job of showing detail but it canít do the depth of field that this video has. This video is shot with a DSLR by the way. It looks pretty freaking cool to me.

Here is a sample of what my current camera(The Panasonic DMC-ZS3) can do.

chanceboarder wrote:
I'm personally just not a fan of video. I think of it as someones home movies that you'll look at once and then it just stays stored someplace never to be seen again. I get bored watching a movie of a bunch of my friends or something. Photographs are a little more traditional to me and meant to be displayed and looked at. Besides I have completely different interests when it comes to what I use a camera for. I shoot mainly landscape and scenic stuff so no one wants to watch a video of that, but I also shoot things like weddings and events and stuff occasionally and would never even consider using my DSLR to shoot video of the wedding in addition to the still photographs I was taking. I would get a dedicated video camera for that if I needed video.

I've got nothing against a camera having video on it, it's not a selling point or even consideration for me one way or another when buying a camera. I honestly think its more of a gimmick kinda thing to help manufacturers sell more cameras and appeal more to those people who would otherwise by a video camera for home movies instead of a still camera.

When it comes to my little point and shoot camera that I carry around at parties and fun things, sure it's nice to have little features like video for those moments when I want to capture my friend dancing naked around a campfire so I can embarrass them later with it but when it comes to like my work horse camera, I don't need or really even want things like video. I just want it to take a damn good photograph, period.


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