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Sep 15, 2009, 10:11 AM

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Re: [pfwein] Anyone else lift weights here?
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pfwein wrote:
If you're determined to build your pecs, you may want to think about dips as that could have have some cross over to manteling.

I became a better climber when I pretty much stopped lifting weights and applied the time/energy I would have spent lifting, climbing. I still do some some push ups and dips, which seems to maintain muscle mass--that's probably a bad thing but some habits are hard to break.

If I could live my life over, I probably wouldn't have spent nearly as much time weight-lifting as I did, and I certainly wouldn't recommend anything other than the old do-a-little-work-for-antagonistic-muscles-to-avoid-huge-imbalances if you want to improve your climbing.

I'm not worried about lifting weights having a horrible effect on my climbing. Mostly because I don't plan on gaining anything but lean muscle (by using a proper diet) and I also don't plan on eating enough protein to get huge. I keep it within the 100-150 range at most.

To be honest, I just personally feel I have shit chest genetics as when I did work out, that was by far the hardest area to gain size in. Now I'm starting to look a little silly that my shoulders are gaining great size from rock climbing. I would like to square out my chest and also work my legs and triceps which get neglected.

Chest and tris I'm thinking

incline/flat bench cable pullovers, incline flys, dips, tricep extension

And legs

Squats, lunges, straight legged deadlifts, calf raises

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