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Oct 22, 2009, 8:36 AM

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Re: [jt512] Screening test for n00bs
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Risk factor 1: Helmet
Climber has a helmet at the crag: 2 points

Risk factor 2: Climbing shoes
Climber's shoes, five tenif not slippers, are made from natural leather: 10 points*

Risk factor 3: Harness
Any modern harness not made by Petzl:BD!!! FK!! 5 points

Risk factor 4: Belay device(s)
Give the climber 10^n points, where n is the number of belay devices on the climber's harness in excess of one.
In addition:
Does not have a grigri: 10 points
Has a Cinch: 10 points

Risk factor 5: Quick draws
Anything other than Petzl: 5 points x 10 =50
Petzl logo on dogbones: -50 points x 5 = 250
-200 what if it's a mix?

Risk factor 6: Rope bag
RED metolius- gonna have to add 1 point for that one

Risk factor 7: Stick clip
None: 10 points FK!

Risk factor 8: Unnecessary equipment
10^n points, where n is the number of items girth hitched to the climber's harness
10 points for each locking carabiner on the climber's harness not clipped to a belay device x 2!!! AHHH 20 points Pirate FKING runners for anchors

Risk factor 9: REI

Risk factor 10: The color red
1 point for each red item among the climber's gear, unless the gear is unscratched; then, 10 points.
oh boy... need a calculator. FK = 11 more points

squishy654 wrote:I am ex-Army...


army surplus (not really, just gear taken from in service) T-10C paracheute pack tray that i've been using as a crag bag for the past 15 years -10 points (bonus!)

desert camo patrol bag for trad gear -10 points

digital camo camelback for long wall routes -10 points

And the tally is...Unsure...Shocked... -141 (i'm thinkin' all those Petzl draws saved my life!)

i'm gonna have to add something to this.

Has not led 5.12 or higher in the past 5 yearsFrown "injury or not" +200 POINTS

100 or more: Run away.
5099 points: High n00b probability. Climb with at your own risk.
2549 points: Possibly a n00b or a visiting trad climber.
024 points: Probably an experienced sport climber.
Less than 0: The climber probably knows more about climbing than you do.

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