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Dec 1, 2009, 9:30 AM

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Re: [aimeerose] Mirena users
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Thought I'd add my rants about birth control here ...

I am 37, no kids.

Tried various pills in my 20s, but none were 'for me' because of the various side effects like unsateable hunger, weight gain, and the crazies ;-). I also tried a Nuva Ring, and sadly found the same deal (it was advertised to use a lower dose of hormones, but that turns out to be far from true).

I tried a copper IUD in my late 20s. I was warned that it works best if you've had a baby, and that it might make your period worse (mine is very light, basally, so I thought I might do ok). I cannot describe the nightmare of the insertion itself. What was worse, was the 4 months or so where I bled 3 weeks of 4; and I bled like a stuck pig (super-plus tampon in 2 hrs, usually). The cramps were unending, and 8 Advil didn't touch them. I really wanted it to work. It really didn't. I think this has a lot to do with the innervation of your cervix, which gets waaaaay stretched to pass a baby - it's constantly irritated by a foreign object. If PAP smears are hard for you, think twice.

I used a diaphragm &/ rhythm for the years following - but these are hard to get right. Thankfully, I am still not mommy.

I went on Yasmin about a year ago, to give it one more whirl. I don't know whether my own hormonal makeup or response has changed with age, or whether it's a different pill; I do know that I have had NO side effects. I am no crazier than normal ;-); if anything, I am less moody. No weight gain (from the pill, anyway). Skin is clear. And ... better yet ... I used it once or twice to skip periods, and now I barely even have a period. The only drawback, really, is that without a period I have no verification that I'm not pregnant, which is a little scary. But ... no period!

Aimee, were I you, I'd give the copper IUD a whirl since you've had kids. You have time to figure out whether it'll work for you. If it doesn't, try Yasmin or Yaz.

Best, Julie

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