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Re: [mountainman] Michael "Mikey" Brown
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Tom Prigg wrote:

I thought I would try to share times I had hanging out with Mikey. I am going to try to add more as I find them and tell the background stories to each of them.

Mikey was honestly like family to us. He really felt like a brother. I can't tell you how many times I have the urge to ring him up or text him about going to do something. It was something so common that it doesn't seem to go away regardless that I know he is no longer here.

I wanted to share our goofing around. It was something that we did anytime we were hanging out together. It was always a game to us. It really was. When we would say, "why don't you try to ....." Or "How high can you get up that?" "Hey can you swing from this to that?" It was never a competition it was just a game.

I do have to say that I completely enjoyed the very few times I actually scared him or out did him a little. It was a funny frustration to have a friend who could drink like a viking and smoke like a chimney and out do me just a little more no matter how much I trained. That always cracked me up.

It was all a blast and we never thought or cared what anyone thought. Hell, I think we may have just blocked out that anyone was around or laughing at the dumb things. Again, it was just a big game for us. Life, enjoy it, who cares if someone else thinks your a moron. Odds are they are boring as crap.

I always thought people were a little mellow-dramatic when they said that a part of them is now gone after the death of someone close. But I have to say, that is exactly what it feels like.

Although, despite how badly his condition made him feel he lived life 110%. So I will continue to do the same, continue to live life as hard and carefree as possible. Not caring what one else thinks. I guess this is the last challenge he has posed for me.

Here is a link to 50 pictures of Mikey and some more stories.

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