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Mar 9, 2010, 10:04 AM

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Re: [Alpine07] Pulk Sled
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Alpine07 wrote:
In the process of building a Pulk Sled for an upcoming trip to Katahdin. Just though I'd check here and see if anyone had any tips or good ideas that they would be willing to share. Thanks!

Alpine, I have been into Katahdin 4 times in Winter, and each time I used the same sled that I made in 1980; in fact I still have it today.

I used a 4 foot plastic sled as a beginning, then made a plywood boomerang shape to fit under the front where the plastic rolls over. Above the plastic roll I added a half moon of plywood, then bolted through all three layers sandwich style with the sled being in the middle.

To the top layer I bolted (through bolts with lock washers, not screws which could strip out) two tee hinges so that the long legs extended out the front. This was through bolted to about 9-10 feet of aircraft quality aluminum, but a heavier material like electrical conduit would work as well.

Do not use pvc pipe here, and especially avoid just rope. PVC has little torsional value and will let the sled flip over sideways. With my rigid aluminum, I never had a turn-over, except for a few major crashes that were my personal problem, not the sleds. Also, the road to Katahdin is full of ups and downs. If you just use rope, then the sled will crash into the back of your calves on every downhill. With rigid stays, if you stop, it stops; if you go, it goes.

Attachment from the aluminum to my waist was as follows: I cut a plug of wood dowel equal to the inside diameter of the tubing. I rounded one end, and then slid it into the tubing so that the rounded end extended past the end of the aluminum. One screw through the aluminum and into the dowel held it in place, although the dowel was also carefully friction fit. I then drilled a hole all the way through the dowel and tubing and smoothed out the edges. Through this I placed loops of 4 mm perlon tied with a double fisherman, which I attached through the sides of a home made haul bag waist belt. That is what pulled the sled, and I have yet to replace any part of this system.

With this set up I safely hauled 80 lbs on the sled, but you should also plan on skiing in with a 25 lb-ish pack on your back to put weight over your skis and to give you ready access to stuff you will want during the approach. It is a pain in the derriere to undo the waist belt and ski back to the sled for an extra hat or water.

You will need skins for the 3 miles from Togue Pond into Chimney. Use them on the descent as well to help limit your speed on the narrow downhills.

Let me know if you have any questions. I suppose I could photograph details of my sled if you need them.

Best of luck, and have fun. If you need route suggestions or beta, I am your man.


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