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Apr 14, 2010, 11:56 AM

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Re: [clausti] Mirena thread, again.
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Ok, I have the Mirena and I LOVE it. I have 2 kids though, so my situation is slightly different. But I used to work in OB/GYN years ago before I had kids so I hope I some useful info for you. As far as the hormones causing weight gain/mood swings/the usual... its different for everyone. I personally have not had any adverse hormonal side effects from the mirena, but I have heard some women complain of serious ones. You'll never know until you get it put in.

As far as the pain of the procedure if you take some tylenol beforehand and afterwards take 800 mg ibuprofen (4 advil) every 4 hrs that will help. I never really had any substancial pain with mine. Some mild cramping afterward but not anything advil didn't help. The most painful part for me was when they clamp on to the cervix to hold it still and it was a hard pinch. And as far as the insertion itself, seeing as you never had kids they may have to dilate your cervix but they won't know right until they try. If they do its not really a big deal, the tool they'll use is kinda like a plastic white chopstick looking thing. Very narrow at the tip and gradually wider. They usually don't numb the cervix itself for this procedure, but theres always the exception depending on the persons pain tolerance. And I have heard doctors say that if you go in during your period (not during heavy flow though) that the cervix is slightly widened makiing insertion easier. But not sure how your doc feels about that.

And as far as the tilted uterus... I know it could make a difference depending on how far tilted it is. If your doc thinks its a problem they'll let you know. And if you have more questions, call your Dr.'s office and speak with his nurse. They are used to questions like yours and will be more than happy to help you. Good luck!

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