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Jul 18, 2010, 12:34 PM

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patto wrote:
I totally disagree. Climbing to me has always been about analysis and innovation.

I'd agree with regard to movement and internal attitudes and motivations for beginners - not equipment usage.

patto wrote:
Your plead here that beginners follow 'conventions' of climbing gear use ignores the fact that there is little common conventions in the sport. Furthermore some conventions are positively dangerous.

There have always been accepted norms and conventions of equipment going back to "Belaying the Leader", "Basic Rockcraft", and "Freedom of the Hills". None of the basic conventions of the sport are dangerous that I know of, but what is dangerous is these days is the overlay of a high-level of social and group activity on top of climbing and the resulting innattentiveness that often results. That, and when a bad habit infiltrates a group, it often spreads among them rapidly if someone experienced isn't there to nip it in the bud. But that's all a bit of a tangent off the essential point.

patto wrote:
Climbing to me has been about knowing your tools and applying them to the situation.

Here you get it exactly right - "knowing your tools" - that is the name of the game; but you do that by learning the basics and beginning best practices and sticking with them.

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