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Aug 18, 2010, 11:21 PM

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Re: [bill413] List of deleted threads and links to original content
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bill413 wrote:
notapplicable wrote:
Lazlo wrote:
Though I agree that the information should not have been removed in the first place, I don't think this is the right way.

I appreciate your effort, Bryan...but I think it's in bad taste.

That is fair enough brother, and I don't entirely disagree with you. I've discussed it with Aric via PM and he understands that, for my part, it is not personal.

This deserves emphasis.

I'd been wavering on doing that myself as I'm trying like hell to get away from RC and don't want to give JT/Curt/NCRock more things to berate me for, but you're right; this deserves recognition.

I've found NA to be quite reasonable in spite of us being on diametrically opposed sides of this debate. Quite interestingly I only now realize (assuming I'm reading his PM's correctly) that its not me or my content that's at issue, but rather a concern over how content is managed here on RC and concern for the community at large. Knowing this I now feel he and I can possibly find a middle ground on the issue of my content and his quoting of it after it had been removed, and just sent him an startlingly long PM about it. I sincerely hope that we can find a middle ground now that I understand where he's coming from on it.

As I've said before, I have every intention to make my content available again in the very near future, just in a different venue. While a mild inconvenience to the community at large, I feel it is the right choice for me and the right choice for where and how the content is provided to the community as there are options available that far exceed what is/was possible here on RC. All I'm asking is to be allowed sufficient control of my existing content that I'm able to get that project off the ground. Without it I'll be starting from scratch, and quite frankly at that point I'd much rather sell the test equipment I don't need for my own work, put that not insubstantial sum in the baby's college fund and spend my afternoons taking her for walks in the park.

Given that even after 2.5 years have passed since the CCH fiasco I still check 4 climbing sites daily (RC, ST, MP, Gunks, with occasional stops at CC, NEIce, SP) to make sure that people know about the possible issues with Aliens I think my dedication to the community at large is beyond question. While some of you have small amounts of money involved in that testing, I have years of my life tied up in it and don't begrudge it one bit. Although I will say I get a tad annoyed when I get a PM saying you want your money back because I've removed the Alien Test Results from RC, when clearly the report (which contains everything of importance from all the threads on all of the sites I monitored) is still available not only through the OP of the original thread here on RC but also through the link in my sig right here in this post.

<edit to remove drifting topic>

This whole mess entirely about a falling out with Management here on RC regarding how I was treated by another user and subsequently by Management over a meaningless Mod action that was not my decision. Following from that I've chosen to not allow my content to continue to provide a revenue stream for NameMedia (who I'm still not sure owns RC as I have not heard back from DDT on that point). I would be lying if I were to say there wasn't at least some degree of anger and vindictiveness to to; there most certainly is. But I'm no more and no less human than the rest of you so before you condemn me for it put yourself in my place and ask what you would have done. Sadly that likely isn't possible since the posts that sparked this fiasco have long since been removed from public view. To paraphrase Blondgecko from one of the unpleasant threads, the hide post feature cuts both ways. It hides the ugly but conceals the truth.

But that's far to high-minded a discussion for the current incarnation of RC. Kindly resume your regularly scheduled flaming/n00b bashing/adatesman bashing/daily breast threads while I finish off the only project that has me hanging around here anymore.

Now really, I want out of here so bad I can taste it, so aside from this +1 to NA I won't be responding to anything in this thread (or hopefully any other).

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