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Aug 19, 2010, 12:00 AM

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Re: [adatesman] List of deleted threads and links to original content
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adatesman wrote:

<edit to remove drifting topic>

The following is quoted to re-supply the "drifting content" stating Aric's excuse for refusing to reimburse a reasonable request to refund a contribution of $50 he solicited for equipment testing, the results of which would be posted on

Originally, adatesman wrote:
Given that even after 2.5 years have passed since the CCH fiasco I still check 4 climbing sites daily (RC, ST, MP, Gunks, with occasional stops at CC, NEIce, SP) to make sure that people know about the possible issues with Aliens I think my dedication to the community at large is beyond question. While some of you have small amounts of money involved in that testing, I have years of my life tied up in it and don't begrudge it one bit. Although I will say I get a tad annoyed when I get a PM saying you want your $50 back because I've removed the Alien Test Results from RC, when clearly the report (which contains everything of importance from all the threads on all of the sites I monitored) is still available not only through the OP of the original thread here on RC but also through the link in my sig right here in this post. Yes, <name withheld>, I'm looking at you. And don't think I've not noticed that you chose not to reply to my PM offering to send you the remains of the 2 Aliens that your $50 bought if you would only cover the shipping. As mentioned earlier, your precious data is all still only a mouse click away and there's no need to falsely imply that your donation was in any way, shape or form commensurate with the hundreds of hours of my own time that I spent on that project for the good of the climbing community.

Do I realize that came out harshly? Absolutely. And on top of it I think the harshness is deserved. The moment anyone can find me someone else who would give so freely of their time, energy and money as I have for the monumental project that Aliengate was for the sole purpose of keeping people they've never met safe then perhaps I'll be more understanding of <name withheld>'s position. But until then they'll get no sympathy from me.

Aric: If you want me to delete this post, then refund _billcoe his $50. I doubt he's interested in your pathetic offer to mail him the remains of his gear, provided that he reimburses you for the postage.

Edit: Apparently this sounds like "blackmail," so I rescind my offer to delete this post under any circumstances.


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