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Oct 13, 2010, 11:13 AM

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Re: [giggly] Is Potrero Safe now?
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giggly wrote:
Is there good bouldering near epc?
What about water?
And food?
Do you think I could move to mexico permenitally.
I have been considering this move for many years now.
I went to Juarez before. Late at night I did not have a problem, but I am from new orleans it was the same as burbon street.
How far is elsalto?

Giggly is obviously a troll and a moron but I'll reply for the sake of others interested in Potrero.

Its been a few years since I've been to EPC but I've made a several trips down so I know my way around.

First, there is a swimming hole of sorts - but only during the summer. During the summer a pleasant breeze blows through the canyon and many Monterrey residents drive out to the canyon to cool their heels at a very nice set of pools that have been built into the canyon.

Ed can correct me here but my recollection is that all the water is fed from natural springs that trickle through the limestone which acts as an aquifer - very cool and very clean. You do have to pay admission but its not more than a dollar or two.

It can get hot during the summer but its still climbable. Our usual routine was to climb in the morning, take a break for lunch at the pools - which incidentally have grills - and then climb again in the evening.

El Salto is also considerably cooler and a great place to climb if you have a car and climb 12 and up. Great tufa climbing.

Second, while the major cities might be dangerous, you'll be pretty safe once you're in Hidalgo. Don't be a wuss. As a general rule Mexicans are among the worlds friendliest people.

Funny little story about that. To get to El Salto you have to drive up a monster of a hill. On the way down my friend was acting an ass and zipping through the turns and wearing out his breaks. So much so that a truckload of Mexicans ran us off the road and proceeded to spray beer into our tire wells. Turns out our breaks were on fire. Like I said, friendly people.

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