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Articles and stuff
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Here is a great place to start:

Dr. Piton's Ultimate Big Wall Checklist

Here in Dr. Piton's Ultimate Big Wall Checklist you can find an itemized listing of everything you need to solo a Grade VI Big Wall in Yosemite. I recently updated and inserted lots of fun photos!

People have told me through emails, PMs, in the parking lot, and on the summit that they refer to this list, even printing it off for their own use! [HINT] It is the actual working copy that I use. It is updated after every trip, tells you what I'm taking along on the next trip. Hell, you even know what stuff of mine is broken and needs fixing.

The checklist is also riddled with links and footnotes. It is EXTREMELY USEFUL. It is my hope to link everything to everything through this Article. If you can't find something, then you should definitely check my checklist.

I plan to be updating this for my September, 2003 trip, so keep your eyes peeled, eh?

There is a post attached to it, so if you have any questions regarding the checklist, please post them there. [Please PM me that you have done so!]

Note that this article is five pages long, yet receives only one "hit" even if you look at all five pages, or go back and forth between them. And it currently has over 7000 hits! Much to my amazement, it remains the third-most visited Article at when measured by "hits". People are using it, that's for sure. Don't ask me why, though - just have a look and see for yourself.

Hey, are you bored? You can click here to see a picture of men with gourds on their penises.

I really should publish more CAVING STORIES. This story is about an underground aid climb in a cave on private property that we snuck into at night!

You can click here to read about the Midnight Phantoms

But if you want a caving story that will really scare you, you can click here to read how Dr. Piton almost died caving! This is a story of where I should have known better to stay out of a cave that was flooding, but oh no - I just had to go in....

Dang. This is starting to become a habit. Here's another story where I almost died caving!. Sheesh. It's amazing how a moment's lapse in concentration could cost you your life!

If you are interested in MORE CAVING TRIP REPORTS, then you can click here to visit the Roppel Cave Website Trip Reports Section which is part of the Roppel Cave website.

I recommend you read the following, as they are some of my favourites. They appear as PDF files, so you'll need Acrobat Reader:
    [*:f7454f737b]Here is a story you are sure to like! Solo cave exploration is dangerous and is also not the sort of thing you should make a habit of publishing. They told me when I wrote the trip report that I had to include an imaginary caving partner. So my caving partner is actually my friend's daughter's cockatiel named Ginger. You can click here to read Pecking About in Khan. If you are interested, you can continue reading where Scott and I returned later to survey Kathleen Krawl, which involved rather a lot of slurping through cold water.

    [*:f7454f737b]After a seventeen-year absence, I returned to Roppel Cave and made a short aid climb that led to several miles of new discoveries! [Talk about providential timing, eh?] One of these passages we named The Great White North, eh? You can click here to read about a successful exploration in this beautiful gypsum-festooned passage.

    [*:f7454f737b]Roppel Cave is part of the Flint-Mammoth Cave System, which is the world's longest cave, currently standing just shy of four hundred miles. Nearby is the yet-unconnected Fisher Ridge Cave System, which is geologically part of the same cave. This would likely move the system to about five hundred miles, but its explorers wish to remain autonomous. Roppel Cave is knocking on the door of South Toohey Ridge, where there is likely another fifty miles of passage waiting to be discovered! If only we can get in..... Here is one of our attempts where we bolted up a waterfall. You can click to read about Reprobate Cook.

    [*:f7454f737b]On December 22, 2002 my dear friend Andria Ligas, who is's cragchica, was killed while riding her bicycle in Tucson. You can click here to read about the discovery of Andria's Hideaway.

If you think you might make a caver, and that you could do the type of stuff described in the trip reports above, then please contact me. We are always looking for more cavers to help work the system.


This section only has one entry as of now, a combined thirty-plus-hour effort between me and Tom [apollodorus] of our last trip up El Capitan together.

If you want to see the straight goods on how Dr. Piton dropped Tom's pig, and see some cool photos from a seldom-repeated A4+ big wall, you can find it all here.

If you are wasting time at work and dreaming of the Big Stone, then this is the place for you!

Pete and Tom's Scorched Earth Photo Essay


You're going to be seeing a lot more stuff here in the coming months, that's for sure!

Here's a good place to get started. Some people "get" me, and some people don't. And emphatically, the girl from Gripped Magazine "gets" me!


You can click here to read the Gripped Magazine Article Featuring Dr. Piton.

"Pass the Pitons" Pete pours another cup of
joe at the Round Table - Excalibur - El Capitan

Well, ain't that somethin'? Wee-Wee the Big Wall Crab had his letter to the editor of Gripped Magazine published.

Man, they must be hard up for material this month if they are publishing letters from climbing crustaceans. Sheesh.



On December 22, 2002 my dear friend Andria Ligas, who is's cragchica, was killed while riding her bicycle in Tucson.

Hillary and I have a thread going in the General Forum, which has become something of a gathering place for Andria's friends and family. Her mom and dad, aunts and uncles and teachers have all signed on.

You can click here to see some of the photos I have so far published:
    [*:f7454f737b]I really love these two pictures of Andria.

    [*:f7454f737b]Here's a cute photo of me and Andria and Hillary taken one night late in Andria's computer lab when we were farting around on

    [*:f7454f737b]I took these photos of Andria one day after we climbed together. Man, I'm gonna miss that smile.....

    [*:f7454f737b]Andria and Hillary were best of friends. You can click here to see a few hottie pix. Don't miss the sunset silhouette photo at the bottom.

    [*:f7454f737b]You can click here to see the photos of Andria's first trad lead. It was one of our best days together!

Andria Ligas on Rappel Rock - Mt. Lemmon

Although I was unable to attend Andria's funeral, I was priveleged to write the homily which Hillary read in my stead. I recently published it on Please click here to read Andria's homily - Look To The Summit.

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