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Dec 1, 2010, 7:34 AM

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Re: [qwert] Mounting ski bindings? / Skiing in mountaineering boots?
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So i tried skiing with my "new" setup for a bit.

It definitely is not unskiable, but everything steeper than about 20 to 30 is really hard, and ends mostly in a fall.
And while i did not fall on the lower angle stuff, i probably did not look graceful at all Crazy

I guess that would get a bit better if i mount it to some new skis. At the moment i still have it on the skis it came with, that are too long and dont have any sidecut.
However they are rockin some awfull 80s neon colors, a computer manufactured base and a racing edge (whatever that might be) and seem to be endorsed by Reinhold Messner, so i at least get a stile bonus for them ...

So i just have to figure out if its really just the skis (i just have to try them with my real ski boots and see how they handle with proper boots), or if it is indeed the boots, and if so, figure out something to attach to the boots to make them stiffer for downhill.

for uphill and flat, going in normal boots rocks!
It probably is not as good as a uphill centric dynafit set, or a proper cross country tele set, but much better than my downhill centric Touring setup. If i figure out something to make them a bit more bearable for downhill, this might be a good setup for going distances.

On the already mentioned site, they also have another article about the 404
where they say the following about the safety mechanism: wrote:
It is readily available on the used market and makes an excellent approach binding for use with mountaineering boots (to prevent injury with such use we recommend not latching your heels down as softer climbing boots will not reliably actuate the safety release.)
Anyone an idea what they could mean with that?
Simply adjusting the binding to lower values as one would with a "proper" alpine setup?
Not fitting the binding to thight on the boot?
Or using it as a tele binding?

The latter theoretically sounds somewhat like a good idea, but i doubt that the binding will like it too much if it is constantly used as a tele binding. Or should it easily withstand such a continued abuse?


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