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Feb 8, 2011, 4:45 PM

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Re: [Arrogant_Bastard] Why are Ad Hominem Attacks Allowed By Some Users?
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Arrogant_Bastard wrote:
blondgecko wrote:
And what brings the new users in? New, interesting content. And who's the best at providing new, interesting (to n00bs) content? The established users.


New, interesting content only interests a small minority of veteran websurfers. It's the same faces that have been here since the usernet days, with a few 'newbies' added in since. Take a look at the quantity of threads about shoes, ropes, which knot to tie ropes together, and I've been climbing X months, I just climbed 5.YYy in my gym, how long till I can climb 5.ZZzzzzz... Same damn questions over and over. People are too lazy to use the search box in the upper right, they're far too lazy to read a couple pages of educational discourse.

I agree. I feel like unique visitors come more from beginners that just walked out of the gym for their first time than those that are visiting from external climbing sites cuz they heard of some new content on RC. Mayyyyyyyybe when Aric did the Alien cam pulling, I suppose that kind of stuff happened.

Some fancy, interactive tool (more than a text-based FAQ in the forum) would probably keep noobs here a bit. Some kind of flash application.

Now I'm actually kind of curious. If wasn't "" would it be financially viable? I mean, is ranked by Alexa as #73,071 most viewed website vs at #59681. Of key interest here is that is the #1 search result for "rock climbing" whereas doesn't even make google's first 10 pages of results!

Supertopo is around #110,000. They're on like the 7th page of results or something. I have to imagine that's route database is what makes it such a popular website--despite the unlikelihood that a beginner would ever first stumble upon that site first by searching google.

Edit: I had to scroll to the very bottom of the front page to find this "New climbers: check out our introduction: rock climbing basics! " I'd think this would be a little more heavily emphasized.

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