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Re: [aerili] Knee Injuries - prevention
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Are you kidding me? In what way is your knee not stabilizing during a squat or deadlift?

If you never did squats before it may help your knees, but i've done them for years so it doesn't make a difference either way.

When you do a squat you have 2 feet on the floor, and they're parallel so there is no significant sideways force on your knee. Your knees mainly just bend naturally as you go up and down, with most of the force from the weight going straight through your leg if you have good form.

In fact the entire point of good squat form is to lift as heavily as possible, safely, with the force of the weight going through your leg as safely and efficiently as possible. Definitely not sideways. You can check out if you want to see the muscle activation

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I would argue that most one legged squats (such as pistol squats) actually increase glute activation and reduce quad activation because you have to lean forward a lot more in order to not fall on your ass.

I don't think i was actually arguing with anybody, but since high steps are like pistol squats, that certainly explains why climber girls have great butts =D

Anyways, I just want to do it as a plyometric knee strengthening exercise. I'm not trying to pistol squat my way to monster quads.

On one leg there is no other foot to counterbalance, so your individual knee is forced to balance all 360 degrees. Check out all the stabilizer muscles involved:

Oh and I'll look into the hip exercises. thanks!

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