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Re: [danger] Knee Injuries - prevention
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From the website you linked to, these are the relevant muscles involved in the squat:



Dynamic Stabilizers


These are the relevant muscles from the pistol squat:



Dynamic Stabilizers


By "relevant" I mean the muscles which cross the knee joint. For simplicity, I deleted the muscles which do not cross the knee joint.

In general, I suspect drop-knees (and any other dynamic, full weightbearing full knee flexion movement) spell trouble for the menisci, due to the shape of the femoral condyles. I'm not aware of an exercise regimen known to "toughen up" the meniscus.

Probably most people cannot do pistol squats. I know I can't! If you can, that's great, I'm jealous. Let us know how your training works for you.

EDIT: ps...any time you are bending the knee in closed kinetic chain (ie with the bottom of the foot on the ground), you will be co-contracting hams, quads, and gastrocs, and this is well-known from numerous EMG studies. When you co-contract things which cross the knee joint, you are increasing the stability of the knee.

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