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Mar 13, 2011, 8:18 PM

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Re: [lena_chita] realities of motherhood for one (ex?) climber
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lena_chita wrote:
smallclimber wrote:
Kartessa wrote:
Can I ask why you choose to work so many hours? Could you find a job that would be more accomodating to your family life? I know it's often easier said than done, but what's the point of a career when you cant live life?

I also wondered about your long hours. Do you offically work (and get paid for) 65 hours a week, or do you officially work 40 hours and the inevitable creep means it ends up being 65 hours? If its the former, could you reduce them and if its the latter can you delagate more or speak to your boss such that you don't have to put in the so much extra time.
Every little bit helps and you certainly have a very full plate just with work.

I think it is an unfortunate reality of working in the medical field that long hours are expected and not easily reduced for people who are fresh out of medical school.

That could open up a whole 'nother thread about work realities and gender disparity, and the impact of motherhood on career.

I once worked beside a lady named Mary. We worked 9-5, and she had two kids in day-care. The day-care closed at 5:15, but if she was late they could bill her $1.00 per minute, if one of the day-care workers could stay late, too. So, every day, Mary left work at 5:00 pm.

One afternoon, the owner of our company had a conference with the the corporate director. Could Mary stay an hour or two, to process this one customer? The director said no, she leaves at 5:00 pm. The owner said it's very important, please ask her.
The director asked Mary (very nicely, but persuasively). Mary said no, she leaves at 5:00 pm.

So the director went back to the owner, and offered his regrets.
The owner was disappointed, but said OK, see you tomorrow.

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