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Mar 15, 2011, 7:09 AM

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Re: [Toast_in_the_Machine] Get a grip like a Gorilla.
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Toast_in_the_Machine wrote:
gripcoach wrote:
I started writing this reply on this forum in several post that ask about grip just to maybe help a little bit. So if you see it in other places, sorry but grip strength can save your life.

Realizing there is many, many questions about grip I felt is might deserve its own thread.

Dear Climbers,

I have to applaud anyone that participates in this sport. There is a lot of BS out there about weight lifting every where you look. The key to weight training for any sport is core training, kinetic chain, and muscle memory. If you do not incorporate weight training in you preparation for any type climbing you are missing out on being the best you can be. As several people have responded, the real strength comes from over all body strength especially the core. Kinetic chining comes into effect every time you use your hands. In extreme sport such as you do, extending the kinetic chin all the way down to the very finger tips is crucial. Muscle memory can only be achieved by making your muscles perform a specific movement over and over again. In your sport all around grip strength is imperative, not to mention life saving. In my opinion, it is down right inexcusable, dangerous, and just plain stupid for you guys and gals out there that climb, not to train your grip specifically. And I mean with weights.

Yours in grip work, The Grip Coach

Years ago the middle of your body was called your midsection, stomach, gut, or maybe abs. Then some fitness marketing wiz started to use the word "core". You know, the engine room of movement. Core. Suddenly, it was everywhere. Core, core, core, core. You didn't work your abs, obliques, external abdominal oblique, or, gawd forbid, your rectus abdominis. I mean it is practically like saying rectum. No, say core. Core,core,clore,core,core.

Gawd I hate that word. You know the only thing that is stupider than "core"?

Muscle memory.
OK, well one's core refers to much more than his or her stomach. That's the exact reason why people say "core" and not "stomach." It encompasses more muscles than you listed.

Regardless, what's wrong with the term "muscle memory?" Is it not as fancy as "motor learning?"

Edit: That being said, I'm with you that this OP is lame. It's a troll, perhaps by one of the BET meanies; almost certainly by someone that is already a member of this site.

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