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Mar 26, 2011, 11:22 PM

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Re: [blondgecko] Anonymous post ratings: enough is enough
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blondgecko wrote:
jt512 wrote:
blondgecko wrote:
ceebo wrote:
In reply to:
A post that consists in its entirety of a personal attack will almost certainly be hidden - unless, in context, it's obvious that it's harmless ribbing between friends.

At some point, while lining them up to knock them down.. each person unknowingly signed his friendship form?. In that case, HI M8!.

Mostly their are good topics at RC, and people giving their opinions, even if wrong. But every time he steps in he has to make it ALL personal. As a result the topic from their on out falls apart.. at least until they give up and let him have his childish last word.

Every 10 topics he destroys that could have generated countless more debate and info.. he makes one fucking post about how to eat well?. And you think that is worth putting up with the bs he dishes out daily?.

How many people do you think would like to post a question, but decide not too because they anticipate the likes of jay ( And a few others) will completely rip them apart. Sounds counter productive to the purpose of this place to me.

From a M8 to a M8, you are a joke! Laugh

Speaking of going off topic and making things personal... physician, heal thyself.

As for the sentence of mine you quoted, I do not think it means what you think it means.

I would just like to point out—in a completely non-judgmental manner—that to most English speakers, people who are "mates," by definition, are people who have sex with each other.

That said, carry on (so to speak).


Perhaps in America - but certainly not here in Australia.
...or New Zealand.
Just to confuse things more...while in NZ, I was having sex with my "partner". Wink

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