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May 25, 2011, 10:48 AM

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Re: [Agilis] Need advice - Injured right ring finger - Full ROM
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Agilis wrote:
I'm 30 and in good health and hoping I'll heal fast enough where I can climb at the level before I got injured. I don't want to be out a year because of a pulley strain.

If I go to a doctor and he recommends an MRI, will the MRI be able show the difference between a tear and a strain?

What were the treatments you ended up following?

I didn't say I was out for a year. I said it was a year before I was back to 100% of where I was pre-injury. You can't force your body to heal faster than it does.

An MRI will clearly show a full rupture of either pulley or tendon, but that would be fairly clear through other diagnostics. For less than a full rupture, OAH could say better than me, I'm sure, but my guess is that it depends on a lot of factors, including the degree of damage, how long between the initial injury and when the MRI is done, and who's looking at the images. In my case, by the time the MRI was done, the doctors saw nothing.

My treatment was first to back off climbing for a while and consult doctors. Then, once I had self-diagnosed myself, I stopped climbing entirely. Then I returned to climbing but did not put any weight on that finger. I gradually brought it back into climbing, while using less and less pulley-supportive taping methods. Oh, and I'll add that I also did some mild massage of the area.


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