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May 28, 2011, 7:36 PM

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Re: [MarmotPrince] Rappel Sling Retrieval Method
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MarmotPrince wrote:
kobaz wrote:
verticon wrote:
Where's Majid when you need "twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one" ?

Explaining what each one was... and not to mention the aerial photography.

Edited to add:

And oh yeah, to the OP.. YER GONNA DIE.

P.S. It sounds like a bad idea. Just go with a tried and true method. You don't want your whole contraption coming undone while bouncing down the rappel.

I'm rappelling on the biner block. The "innovation" is the retrieval method. Not necessarily safe but on the rappel I am no more in danger of falling than I would be on any biner block. Here is a picture of a biner block. This is a pretty vanilla and well established technique.


rtwilli4 wrote:
What is it with people making new accounts and automatically coming on here with this kind of shit?

Maybe because they recognize they don't have complete knowledge and want to ask questions? Maybe because they don't expect this forum to be full of troll greeters?

I thought my description would be familiar to those who know what a retrievable anchor is, and those who didn't would keep their ignorance to themselves. I free solo backcountry alpine routes at low class five and tremendous exposure, so I guess I have bigger balls and I also know more. Here's your troll food:

Why dont you take a picture of whatever dumb ass clap trap you are proposing so we can actually understand how dumb it may be. All it sounds like you are doing is trying to save $1.39 plus tax to have a high likelihood of snagging your rope.

Oh and instead of asking us retards why don't you actually test this rube goldberg sling retrieval method yourself in a safe environment?

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