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Re: [herites] Holding your breath
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I am fairly new to climbing, and allowing myself to stay calm and breathe whenever possible is a habit I am constantly trying to establish. I have noticed improvement, and I think I'm pretty good at not holding my breath now.

What I believe helped me is to consciously remind myself, while I'm climbing, to allow movements of my gut to 'drive' the breathing rather than the compression and expansion of the chest. When you breathe, your chest should remain fairly still, while your gut should move out when you inhale and in when you exhale. The more I remind myself to do this while I climb, the more I do it automatically and no longer have to remind myself. That is, the healthy habit is reinforced. More and more through time, I breathe automatically and in a way that is conducive to my climbing...

To elaborate, why do this? If you try to control your breathing by moving your gut out when you exhale, then in when you inhale, you will allow your diaphragm to control the breath, which will automatically calm you down due to biological processes. The fight-or-flight ('alarm') response is disengaged, this then calms you down, allowing you to think and control yourself on the rock. This is exactly what you want while climbing, because of course climbing is a mental challenge to maintain control while in a 'stressful' situation. The point is, the less psychologically 'stressful' you can make the situation, the better your mind will work and the better you will perform. Consequently, breathing in this manner will improve your climbing.

Remind yourself to breathe in this manner while you climb to establish and reinforce the habit and you will do it more automatically over time. Your breathing, therefore, will work to promote a healthily functioning mind, promoting your climbing performance.

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