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Jun 4, 2011, 4:27 PM

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Re: [sungam] Holding your breath
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sungam wrote:
ceebo wrote:
sungam wrote:
ceebo wrote:
Vegasclimber10 wrote:
NA's post pretty much sums it up for me.

I think, Ceebo, that controlling your breathing by pausing at the right moment is probably beneficial - they teach similar techniques in martial arts and shooting.

Like NA, my issue is going through multiple moves without breathing, and then all bets are off.

Well fair enough, sorry i can't give much first hand experience on that.

You may be interested to know though, for many centuries (probably still do) people use to dive for clams and so. They could stay under water for durations as long as 6-10 min if i recall. The technique they used was deep breathes before hand.. god knows for how long they done that. I guess if a route should take 5 min to climb you could try to high load with oxygen for 5 min before an attempt and at least keep up deep breathing until the difficult section.

That was a complete pot shot i know.. i accept any flame for that ;p.
Chances are that the level of exertion making at-your-limit moves is considerably higher then diving for clams. Try holding your breath sitting on the sofa. Time it. Now repeat but this time while doing frenchies in L-form. I'm pretty sure I know which one will be longer.

Oh, i was not aware that using every major muscle group swimming distances of around 10-20M before scavenging on the sea floor for aprox 3 min against buoyancy then swimming a bag load to the surface was comparable to sitting on a sofa. But then again, i have never dived for clams.

Interestingly though, not everybody floats.
Yeah, I was kinda assuming that if you were diving for clams you wouldn't be carrying much body fat for your weight. And you are seriously fucking stupid if you think I said it was like sitting on a sofa. It was clearly (well, clear to anyone that has a middle-school level of reading comprehension) stating the fact that higher intensity uses more oxygen, and thus requires heavier/more frequent breathing.

No, you stated you did not agree, then gave a reflective comparison to explain why. Your comparison was not even remotely connected though. Once you understood that mistake you denied trying to compare physical activity (swimming) to minimal activity (doing nothing).. if that was not intended, then what point was their in using such a comparison?. At that point you were stating nothing but a obvious yet irelivent fact. Like saying.. for example.. running will tire you out more than doing nothing.

I gave a example of people who use a breathing technique to increase their time holding breath while undergoing physical activity. That rather significant improvement is simply a fact. If it works under water.. it will work on a wall just before climbing a hard sequence. Funnily enough, it will also enable the poor guy doing L sits to achieve greater duration.

Unless ofc.. a steam train with 1 bag of coal can get further than a steam train with 5?. It is as clear as that, but i may have to confuse it a little by asking if you think the first train gets further.. because its lighter?. Did not quite understand why you decided to bring weight into the picture. Was also irelivent to the fact of duration improvement to the spacific task of what a person is doing (regardless of weight) while holding breath.

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