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Jun 8, 2011, 5:03 AM

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Re: [rtwilli4] Pull ups vs campusing
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rtwilli4 wrote:
Pull-ups, campusing and Bacher Ladders are all completely different, with pull-ups being the most different.

On a ladder or a campus board, you are moving up and down the rungs. Naturally, there is dynamic movement involved. The stronger you are, the better you can hold a one arm lock off, the less dynamic the move. But then you are working on one arm lock offs which is something else that a pull-up doesn't work.

A campus board also works finger strength and to counteract the fact that the rails are tiny, it is a bit less steep than a Bacher Ladder. There are different types of finger strength and I don't know which a campus board works best but it's not necessarily the same as a hang board.

Ladders and campus boards mimic climbing movement, while a pull-up is just a pull-up. There are often times when you need to do a one arm lock off and/or a dynamic move in which you reach with one hand and this is why ladders and campus boards train you to do so. Moving down on a ladder or campus board is using the principle of negative resistance, much like weight lifters do when they train.

There are never times in climbing when you need to to a pull up, hanging from both arms and raising your chin above the holds. What would be the point of that?

What does work for climbing in terms of pull-ups is to do offset pull ups. Double a towel over your pull up bar. With one hand hold the bar and the other hold the towel, about a foot under the bar. Do sets, switch hands, etc. This begins to train you for one arm lock offs, and is not as intense (or effective) as campusing or ladders.

It is certain though that a hang board will give a far greater range of holds than a campus board. Multiple angle lock off's and 1 arm raises can also be done from a hang board.

Also, im unclear what you mean by bacher ladder, i was referring to the technique used on a campus board where you go up with 1 hand instead of with 2. Perhaps i miss understand but it looked like we are talking about 2 different things?.

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