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Re: [climb4free] Building a Bouldering Room
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(1) If you can plan for the door to open outward and be as near a corner as possible.
Yes In my current plan (using Sketchup though it doesn't look as good as yours hehe) I have the door right in the corner.

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(2) With the size of holds available, a straight vert wall is virtually unnecessary, i have a 4' section on my garage wall and my 3 year old is beyond it. 15 degrees past vertical is a minimum I would use.
As for the vertical, I will have to have some section of it like that to start I think and down the road can take that part down and re build at an angle. For now I want to be able to ease into it, and also considering when you walk in I don't want to hit my head on an immediate angled piece.

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(4) In a square room, try to avoid as many stemming options as possible.
Yea I thought about that too, I have been playing with making the room 9x16 now instead with the 45degree incline at the end of it (so 9' wide and at that angle about ~13' long).

Thanks very much for the input!

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if you go with the 12x12 space, I would make one wall adjustable so you can adjust it as you grow stronger. I've seen some setups with winches but I use chain. The opposite wall can have about 10-20 degree overhang to it and the other walls should be vertical to accomodate the adjustable wall swinging down, windows (light), door, HVAC.

Don't forget some sort of sound system and beer fridge!

I will definitely be adding in some lighting and small sound system, probably some computer speakers or some thing I can just plug my phone into.

So a question on the adjustable wall, from what I sketched out if I were to want a wall to start at say 30 degrees, and be adjustable out to say 45 or higher I would need to build the wall short enough to accommodate the 30 degree overhang. This would leave me with a shorter wall than I could have if it was static when moved to 45 degrees. If that makes sense. I think i figured (napkin math) I could get about ~10.5' @ 30 degrees versus ~13' @ 45.

Also I understand the chain would keep the wall from moving down at all but is it just the sheer weight/angle that would keep it from moving the other way?

In reply to: climbing's probably not gonna take with you.
This is a possibility I have considered (Though not for the reasons you imply, the "comfort" is more about not freezing my balls off in winter). It's entirely possible I'll get out on my first real outdoor climb and be like "wtf was I thinking?" BUT, even if that didn't appeal to me as much I would still be sticking with the bouldering. Either way I was never really a fan of Cheetos. Also thanks for the pointer to Mountain Project, hadn't come across that site yet!

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