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Jun 19, 2011, 11:24 PM

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Training Advice
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Hey guys,
I've looked through these forums a bunch, but this is my first post. Currently, I've been sort of plateauing and been rethinking my workout schedule, and I'd appreciate any advice you guys have.

Get to the next bouldering level
(sounds silly, but) get reasonably defined abs. I'd like to keep lean, but lose the extra BF%
I'd like to train more for power, since my endurance is pretty good.

Current schedule:
M - climb/weights (~2hrs total)
T - HIIT sprints/core workouts (~45 min total)
W - climb/weights
Th - rest day
F - HIIT sprints/core workouts
Sa - climb/weights
Su - HIIT sprints/core workouts

When I climb I usually stretch/warmup for about 15 min and boulder for about 1.5 hrs. Then I usually close out w/ some hangboard exercises.

I usually lift for shoulders/triceps/biceps/back.

HIIT sprints (sprint 30 sec/walk 30 sec) usually take about 20 min total, including warmup time. I do this to keep up cardio/stamina.

Core exercises usually involve a ton crunch and leg lift variations.

I feel as though I may be going about this the wrong way, since my climbing results haven't been good lately.

Is weight training worthwhile in order to get better at climbing? If so, which muscle groups should I work? HIgh rep/low weight or vice versa? I'm a huge freeweights noob so I have no clue.

For core exercises, basically the same thing. Should I do abunch of crunches/leg lift variations w/ no weight, or add some resistance and do less reps?=?

Am I climbing often enough/long enough sessions?

I feel like HIIT is good for keeping my metabolism fast, but I'd appreciate any advice for keeping a balanced cardio schedule.

I also don't count calories or anything, but I don't drink soda or fried foods or anything. Should my diet be more carb or protein heavy?

Cliffs notes:
-want to look good naked
-questioning workout schedule

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