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Jun 22, 2011, 3:21 PM

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Re: [flyslasher] Fear of dynos...
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flyslasher wrote:
Thats a very interesting look on it Learner. It actually sounds alot like something that would bother me and possibly my problem.

Possible Solutions? I can think of one. Just do lots of dynos and get comfortable with the idea that I can stick it. Probably go out with more closer friends/family as well to work on my ego!
Exactly! Build up your confidence in doing dynos. You want to feel like you can conquer them, and this comes from reminding you of your successes. It's just a feeling you have, like you can do it.

Another thing you should do is make sure you're taking failure in stride. Adopt that perspective that as long as you're giving it all of your effort, failure is a good thing--it is the way to improvement. Failure makes you better because it means that you're pushing past your limit, and what is to follow is the adaptation that will enable you to perform at that level in the future. Think this way and you'll want to try new things, you'll want to challenge yourself, and you'll be hungry for the dynos.

Don't identify yourself with your climbing performance. If you do, you may develop a fear of trying something you may fail at. This is because if you're identifying yourself with your performance, failing could scar your ego. The way to free yourself from this hinderance is to adopt the above perspective, that if you're giving it 100%, failure is good and it's how you get better.

Another thing you may want to do is just get really really comfortable with the power component of the jumping movement. Besides climbing, you can do this by performing weighted squats, and pushing up really hard and fast on each rep. The point is not that the exercise will make you jump higher, it's to develop the gut belief that you are capable of EXPLODING! This will lend you that confidence that you need to love the dyno at the moment that you need to.

Anyways, any one of these solutions may be your solution. My advice is to do them all. If anyone else can think of any more, feel free to contribute.

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