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Re: [JoeHamilton] Metolius Training Board
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JoeHamilton wrote:
I find the threshold of my door to be a good hang and chin up tool . I will admit I am only about 130 lbs ,.but it works well for me . I am looking to by a new hang board soon . I DO NOT RECOMEND MY METHOD but willl share because it does help ME I start on the big juggy hang holds for a little bit then to the sloppers as long as possible till i feel like Im about to slip then move into a small finger grip I saty on the baord moveing and switch up till I need to let off .Keep in mind FINGERS dont have muscle hand and finger strenth comes from the forarm and the tendons attached ,.. Now, I have a question about the hydration thing ? in the army they MADE us drink lots of water and said the clearer the urine the better. IE: peeing water , .Am I strange or odd because the more water I drink the more I pee and the clearer it is ?

Joe - thanks for the good training info....
No, that is correct. There is a Dr named Dr. Robert O. Young who wrote a book called "The pH Miracle." I have met him several times and he has like 6 PhD's in make a long story short....this guy is brilliant....and says...."If you urine is NOT clear then you are not drinking enuff water and are dehydrated."

He advocates....and I know people are gonna hate hearing this...that someone needs to drink like 5 liters of pure water every day. Now, I know few ever do this b/c they'd be doing nothing all day but peeing in the bathroom at work, etc. But this is what he says....and as a nurse I can attest to it's validity. Unless someone say had CHF or edema - then I'd say NO not to drink that much water. But, the rule of thumb in nursing college was/is - that once you feel THIRST - you're body is like in a negative balance of about 1 liter of H2O already....but ideally - to keep the body hydrated and the kidneys flushed and the toxins out (remember - too much acid in the body = ideal conditions for disease to take over the cells). Our bodies are 70% water...and most people don't realize that we LOSE water everyday not only by urinating but also by sweating (of course), moisture to the skin and even respiration! Yes, H2O is lost when you exhale from the lungs - because air from inside your lungs has been combined with H2O as well....which is why when u exhale outside on a cold winter day - you see 'steam.' Your body loses water in MANY ways during the day and night - not just by urinating or sweating as most people think. It takes H2O to keep your eyes, nasal passages, joint fluids, etc in enuff water! I'm impressed that the US Army teaches that. Actually - very few people know that and/or would even BELIEVE it...but it IS true!

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