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Aug 15, 2011, 1:44 PM

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One for the math whizzes: Grahams number and Hollywoods bs
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Ok, so it's an amount so ridiculously great that the human brain can't come close to conceiving it, there's not enough space in the known universe to even write it down, but we can express it (or the general idea of it) in a formula. Is that about right?

Here's what's bugging me: I can't remember which movie it's from, but that Keanu Reaves fellow is an alien sent to Earth to establish contact. We, being human, shoot him almost on sight for no real reason, and his robot starts tearing up the place. He survives the wounds and, fast forward, the cute female lead takes him to Prof. Nobel Laureate's house to restore his faith in humanity. While there, he hears a violin/klavier piece by Bach (apparently for the 1st time, pretty glaring recon oversight), and comments on how beautiful it is. He then procedes to resolve some nasty looking sums the Prof. had been racking his brain over.

Now, music is math. So, this being with an intelligence great enough to understand and resolve an equation that one of humanities greatest living minds simply cannot, how can this being possibly be impressed by Bach? If our future alien overlords minds can handle that kind of abstraction and processing, wouldn't even our greatest musical masterpieces seem elemental at best?

Could we be the 3 chord punk band of the Universe?

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