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Aug 16, 2011, 3:18 PM

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Re: [spikeddem] Weight lifting powder?
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spikeddem wrote:
ceebo wrote:
spikeddem wrote:
ceebo wrote:
sungam wrote:
ceebo wrote:
30 pound a month (although mine was only 20) for 2 drinks per day is not what i would call expensive. For example, buying only 1 sports drink per day at 1.20 amounts to allot more.

Im not too sure if this is the right kind of drink. I will be putting on some muscle with the campusing so i figured this drink would be ideal for that phase. WIll suck to be wrong.. since ive been using it for 2 weeks. On the other hand, i fart every minute now ;p.. hopefully thats a sign of a good thing.
Are you using the shake on rest days, or just post workout?

I work allot and use a damn lot of energy before i even step onto a wall. So yes, i use it every day along with what ever food i have the time to ram down my throat between jobs.

Based upon this, I'd get rid of the supplements and square away your diet. Aren't you an apprentice of flesh? You know he'd say you need to square away your diet, too.

No, i'm an apprentice of jay actually. I have not used spell check for some 10 posts now. He has either gave up on me Mad or my spelling has drastically improved to the point where he let's it slide Cool.

Ehh.. besides, i could not get over 8% body fat even if i tried. Diet for me is a simple matter of ''does it have carbs in it''.. yes, ''eat it''.

I'm not talking about losing weight. I'm talking about eating right. Your last sentence clearly shows you do not. Therefore, your supplements won't be as beneficial as they could be.

Spike, tbph m8 i can not be fucking arsed to stick to the kinda diets the likes of you and flesh can. Like when you said my training plan took all the fun out of climbing.. to me, being that maticuless about what i eat does the same.

Btw for the small effort it takes to mix a glass of milk with some powder.. even if it only benifits me 5%, im happy to pay 20 a month for that. Judging from the peak in my stamina lately it feels more like 20%.

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