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Aug 23, 2011, 3:21 PM

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Re: [essay] Grading a traverse?
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essay wrote:
ceebo wrote:
jross wrote:
jbro_135 wrote:
http://2 finger single pad mono

Just get someone else to climb it and grade it, you are retarded.


When i read about the two finger mono I assumed this was an epic troll inspired by a really slow day at work....

FWIW I have come across a few 2 bolt specials that are basically a 15 ft V7 but graded 13a (7c+)...

1 finger overlaps the other in what is a mono, i would normally just use the middle, but in this paticular hold it feels much easier to use index with middle ontop. Is a pocket not defined as having at least 2 fingers in contact with rock?, who cares.. im wrong anyway. I'm so damn sorry for that guys... what a reflection this is on my climbing and teaching ability.

I'm going to sit in the naughty corner now and have a good word with my self.

Well, I don't know about crying in the corner but this is sure a good reason to not be talking down to climbers who actually do know what is going on.

Feel free to link 5 topics where i have talked down to another that was not in retaliation to them doing just that to me, or another poster.

I can save you most the hastle in sorting out that retaliation down talk right now.

- Jay
- You
- Spike (some times)
- Jbro

Btw, what is going on?. Other than personal attacks for bad termonology and disbalief in difficulty of a shity little traverse at a crag that nobody gives a fuck about., the only forum where a simple question ends up in a complex ego fest.

Next post - L2spell fucker!11111!!!111.

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