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Aug 30, 2011, 8:40 AM

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Re: [hugepedro] Helpfulpimp - for the authors
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hugepedro wrote:
Toast_in_the_Machine wrote:
Toast_in_the_Machine wrote:
hugepedro wrote:
Toast_in_the_Machine wrote:
traddad wrote:
Someone married you?


She could do better.

Thanks for the info. My GF is writing a book. Had no idea it was this easy to publish.

The tougher part is how to get it noticed. I'll update with "how to use google ad words to boost your book sale" as my next helpfulpimp. Once I get it to work, of course.

So with Healthy Lunch, Healthy Mind I wanted to see if Google ad words would help boost sales. The short answer I'd that the ROI isn't worth it.

The cost per click for the phrase "Healthy Lunch" is about $1.40 a click and the profit for an e-sales is $5.60. This means that one out of every for people need to buy the book who click on the add just to break even. While you can get a free $75 trial run, you are basically purchasing fifty some clicks, which is OK for free, but not so really worth it.

This leads it's back to search engine optimization to get the book noticed as well as testing out Amazon's in house printing arms.

More updates to come...

(and y'all have checked out the book - right?)

No, we were checking out your wife.

Well then you should have put her image back in the post.

Edit; her not here

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