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Sep 20, 2011, 5:46 PM

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Re: [ubu] Statehood at the UN
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ubu wrote:
Allfred wrote:
hugepedro wrote:
. It's too bad the pro-Israel-at-all-costs voters hold our country hostage to extremism. In my book, those people are traitors.

That's one of the parts I don't understand. Are they that way because they are jews? Are they that way because they are crazy christians? Why is Isreal such an important domestic topic? Seems to me like something only a few east coast states care about.

Here's your answer:

Perry’s Theocratic Foreign Policy: ‘As A Christian I Have A Clear Directive To Support Israel’

Yep thats about it, you can't underestimate the seriousness here and how much it really does form our policy in this Area.

Now I am a christian. As far as i can read the scriptures it simply states that ALL nations will war against Israel at the end of times (somewhere within that poorly defined event period anyway)

If I ever see all nations at war with Israel this will merely let me know that the scripture is correct.

Another example of poor attention to scripture is clear in mainstream christian conservative thinking.

Short of war I don't see anything in scripture saying you can't be critical or hold Israel to account for their actions.

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