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Sep 27, 2011, 6:29 AM

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Re: [rrrADAM] Gas line safety bill
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rrrADAM wrote:
veganclimber wrote:
It looks like just about everybody on the planet agrees with this, except Rand Paul who is single-handedly holding it up.

In reply to:
WASHINGTON (AP) A senator who opposes federal regulation on philosophical grounds is single-handedly blocking legislation that would strengthen safety rules for oil and gas pipelines, legislation that even the pipeline industry and companies in his own state support.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul's opposition to the bill hasn't wavered even after a gas pipeline rupture last week shook people awake in three counties in his home state of Kentucky.

All it takes is one asshole in the government to fuck everything up. No wonder this country is so screwed up right now.

Often, people tend to stand for things "on principal"... Yet if you look at it, that "principal" is stubornness, since they have already entrenched themselves and view budging from that stance as negative. Thing is, stubornness is NOT a principal, it is a defect that stands in the way... The principal that should be applied is 'humility', which is actually the antithesis of stubornness, and allows one to change their stance, if so required.

Nicely stated.

Edit: It seems that intransigence has a special place in the American Mythology. Somehow we have mistaken it for backbone. With it comes willfull ignorance...and that's a potent pairing.

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