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Sep 27, 2011, 2:33 PM

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Re: [jnovakov] Training suggestions?
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jnovakov wrote:
So ditch the footchip and start doing shorter hangs? Will deffinitely start doing that so I can get more out of my workout. Do you think its too strenuous on my tendons to do every other session? maybe once a week? I already hurt my bicep tendon doing campus board stuff every session instead of once a week a couple months ago, apperently thats really stupid lol. Hoping not to make the same kind of mistake again :p lol.

It really depends on you. So long as the reps and duration is kept with in reason then you could do it 4-5 days a week. But, imo it is better to just do it once per week and make it a full out rip your fingers off session with a good rest day after.

Lately my main source of strength gains is from long term project climbs and once per week weighted campusing (i only do taps though). One of the projects has some very heavy full crimping, another has some pumpy open hand and monos etc. So i just swap between the 2 when my fingers feel the pace of a certain style.

Oh btw, when i do get some dead hangs done i do every set in L sit just to get some core in their. I also use a few lock off positions in the arms that i alternate through in every set. Just gives a bit more gains and makes it feel more worth while.

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