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Re: [styndall] Accept responsibility for your choices
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styndall wrote:
guangzhou wrote:
Oh, the OECD, the French organization that more or less wants the Government to do everything. I'm a French passport holder and don't hold much faith in what hey support.

More government programs don't support job growth, they just increase government spending, which require an increase in tax collection. Governments, all, some more than others, are full of waste and are notorious for not getting results fast.

Government doesn't need to to be quick to a changing market, they get tax revenue whether the policies are successful or not. No matter what they do, half it's population will complain.

On the other hand, unless the government tries to interfere like it did with government bail out, business adapt quickly to changes in market or die.

Look at the size of a house in America and compare it to the size actualy needed. I'd guess about 40% of a homes interior never get used in America, but the whole thing is heated in the winter and cooled int he summer with central A/C. People spend what they have until they have no more, not all but most. American's are complaining about the unemployment rate, the bad economy, and the market/banks, but a new I-phone hits the street and millions of them sell instantly. People fid money for what they want, even if it means going in debt.

Don't like what the banks are doing, fight back. Cut your credit cards, stop getting mortgages and save to by your house in lump sum, avoid personal loans. America like most societies, loves to buy. Don't believe me, check out the gear section of this website-site, or search for "I'm a poor college student, what (insert gear here) should I buy.

Again, how many people are saving money when they are working versus getting the next size up just because they can.

It's like you've built up some stereotype of the average American (they're lazy slobs, not like you!), and you're not letting reality inform it at all.

Not a stereotype, they are plenty of very hard working American, that is why I decided to become American myself. They are also plenty of lazy one waiting for someone else to do things for them and blaming other for where they are in life instead of working at finding a way out.
Americans, not the American government, have created the greatest innovations in the last 200 year fairly consistently. Mostly because America is a place that allows things to happen.

In reply to:
What happens when a massive economic bubble largely driven by fancy Wall Street maneuvers collapses, shrinking the money supply and cutting demand? Businesses cut back, lots of people lose their jobs. No job, and suddenly that house payment gets really tough.

If the government has it's way, they create loads of programs that take years to get started, pump money into businesses that don't deserve the funding. This teaches businesses it's ok to keep doing what you're doing, because when you mess up, we'll come clean up behind you and give you money to fix what you broke. Giving money to big business that is known to have done the list of things this companies did was horrible idea. Those businesses and the decisions makers behind them were not held accountable for what they did, so they will never accept responsibility for their actions.

The government could of spent less given the employees the same salary they were for 18 moths to 24 years while those employees repositioned themselves. While I prefer big business to Big Government, nowhere in my post did I say big business rules. I still think individuals and small businesses do more for America than anyone. The government doesnít earn itís revenue, it just collect taxes.

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Or perhaps someone has gotten sick, and insurance either isn't there or doesn't cover enough. A massive number of bankruptcies begin with medical emergencies.

Here I agree, they are always circumstances that will create these problems. What I don't believe is that the unemployment number is all about those circumstances.

Medical, I have suggestion, create a program where doctor who just finished medical school go in work in government hospitals for roughly the same salary they would make if they joined the Military, including housing, in exchange for them working in these state hospitals for set number of years, the federal government pays back the medical school and college loans. (Like the military does with doctors now.) Similar programs can be instituted with other medical professions.

This allows doctor to work, earn experience, and work for lower salaries because they have college loan looming overhead. The doctor gives time; the government gives it's taxed earned money. We get more doctors in public hospitals; some will move on, other will stay at lower salaries and housing allowance because they can afford to work and are making a difference.

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You've worked hard, and you've also gotten lucky - good family connections, lots of emphasis on education, etc. etc., but that's no justification for casting aspersions on people who aren't so fortunate.

Not sure if I've worked hard or not, I've looked for ways to do what I want in move forward. I've actually avoided working to hard most of my life; I instead choose to follow the path of least resistance to achieve my goals and so I can go climbing more. I've always minimalized my possessions and lived frugally. In many cases, people around me told me I was wrong for doing things the way I did, that I would regret this or that. I rarely do things just because thatís what society wants me to do or that the usual way of doing things.

Education, I have a bachelors degree, not much, only decided to go to college so I could become a teacher, something I did for ten years then moved on. I decided to attend college ten years after graduating highs chool and a few years after the military.
Teaching is hard work, but Iloved it, and the schedule was nice compromise time wise for teaching. I learned a lot about people and kids, enough to decide that I was not meant to be teacher because my views donít conform to the mass public. My views I based on what I read, see, and experience firsthand.

How did I pay for college, simple, the GI Bill. A government program that trades time served for a financial reward. Not a government handout. I have nothing against the government helping, I just have something against people who want the government to help with nothing in return.

In reply to:
Also, your government spending opinions are just stupid. All this infrastructure that permits America to be the business powerhouse that it is was built with government spending. In fact, the biggest periods of growth in the US occur during periods of higher taxes and higher government spending.

Not sure where I ever mentioned infrastructure spending. A country's infrastructure is definitely the government's responsibility. For a good infrastructure, I am willing to pay taxes. Looking at America's infrastructure; that is a good place to start recreating jobs with government money. I also know I am not the only who believes this.

As for period of growth based in government spending, the spending was all based in improving the countries infrastructures and hired people to build roads, sewers, parks and other systems needed for the good of society.

The program didn't give money because people were complaining about not having a job, they were paying people to do jobs that needed do that no-one was willing to do before. The programs provided housing and low wages. People wanted to work, needed a roof over their heads, and were hungry.

Of course, the lack of maintenance in our current infrastructure is a good example of why I think the government isn't efficient. The government doesnít maintain what it has until itís so far gone that itís cheaper to rebuilt versus maintaining.

In reply to:
Seriously, if you'd let reality inform your opinions, you'd get to be right a lot more often.

Reality is that no one sees the whole picture. Every example you mentioned above was not mentioned by me, but you attacked what you perceived my views were about those subject, when in reality you have no ideas what they are.

You think I am against government spending, when in reality I am against welfare, food stamp, and other programs that gives something for nothing.

A few of you have hinted at me being a republican, well I am not. Actually, I am not sure which is worse, a Republican or a Democrat. Both have ideas I agree with, both have ideas I disagree with. I am happy to say I am neither and that no political party shares all of my views, so I donít align myself with any one party. Actually, I think all the parties have something worth saying, and all have things I completely disagree with. I guess thatís why they say in a Democracy, more than half the people are unhappy at all time.

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