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Re: [ubu] what is a 1%er
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ubu wrote:
guangzhou wrote:
Average income of an Adult member of the climbing gym I own here in Indonesia is 175,000 USD per person. I have at least 5 members who clear 1/2 million U.S. a year and I have far less than 1% of Surabaya as members of my gym.

That is quite extraordinary. You must have set up shop in a very unusual locale.

guangzhou wrote:
On averages, if one person is making 1000 a year and the other making 2 million a year, the average income of these two people just over 1 Million per person.

If 100 families net $10k/yr and 1 family nets $1B/yr, the median (not mean) household income is....$10k/yr.

Annual median household income in the US is around $50k.

Not an unusual local, money in Indonesia is consolidated in two main places. Jakarta mostly followed by Surabaya. Much money is invested in Bali and Papua, but the money is still in Jakarta. We are also targeting a very specific income level with our business model. 15 USD to climb for a day is not accessible to the average Indonesian or much of the Indonesian middle class. Our Market is defined as Middle up.

Our next couple of gym locations will be in JK because the market there is much bigger.

Again, looking at the stats doesn't give you a good idea of what life is like here. Distribution of wealth here is very different than in America.

Good to see you know you math vocab. I doubt anyone actually knows what the median income per family is in Indonesia. This is a country that doesn't even know it's actual population because they don't count all tribes, outer islands barely get counted.

Here is what I know. When I met my wife, who is Indonesian with a college degree, she was earning 123 USD a month. She took the job because it was double what she was being paid at her previous job. She drove a 3 year old Chevy, we still have it, had no debt, and belong to a fitness center. (Fairly middle Class life)

Not sure what your Median example has to do with Indonesia and my post. Can you clarify so I don't assume things.

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