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Re: [kobaz] Worst photos of
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kobaz wrote:
qwert wrote:
kobaz wrote:
qwert wrote:
I can see the use of tape if you have a wall full of holds and you just cant remove all holds before a comp, but in this case all the holds available have different colors and different forms, so there is no need to further distinguish them.

I find that you become very limited in routesetting when restricted to only using holds of the same color (unless the gym has an unlimited budget). Route tape is made for a reason... use it!
For routes i can understand it. It's kinda "strenuous" if you have to memorize dozens and dozens of holds, but for boulders? Apart from competitions, where you simply do not have the time to "learn and memorize" a boulder, its simply not necessary.
Brains are made for a reason… use it!

(I dont want to start a flamewar here, but i stand by my opinion that the excessive amount of tape in the pic makes it worthwhile of this thread)


Commercial rock gyms in the US for the most part have taped routes for roped climbing and bouldering too. I'm not sure what sort of gym that you prefer, but it's pretty much a standard here to tape routes and then grade them. I'm not sure why you would need to memorize a boulder route if they are already taped. Although, there are plenty of instances where people get bored and just start climbing around and wind up making a really good new untaped route that people subsequently will remember. If people like it enough it will get taped up.

we have a gym near me that sets by colored holds and it is terrible. they have white holds and other light colored holds that get covered in shoe rubber and all look the same. they also do bullshit like blue/red = .7 blue =.8 red=.10

luckily they tape their boulder problems.

Try to find certain routes without the tape here Qwert...

how about now?

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