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Jan 30, 2012, 4:30 AM

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Re: [pinktricam] Islam, the religion of honor (killings)...
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pinktricam wrote:
Canada Court Convicts Three for Honor Killings

WSJ wrote:
The prosecution argued it was honor rooted in Afghan tribal traditions that led Mr. Shafia to cleanse the shame he felt from the conduct of his rebellious daughters, Zainab, 19 years old, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13. The eldest two took unapproved boyfriends, and all three disobeyed their father through their independent behavior and sometimes-revealing dress. Rona Amir Mohammad, who was Mr. Shafia's first spouse in the polygamous family, was killed, the prosecution argued, because she was a troublesome first wife and lenient step mother.

Yes... And your God has an even worse torturous eternity in store for those who simply don't believe in Him.

Next to Him, those extremists (and don't forget, Xians have their own murdurous and hateful extremists too... Like you) look rather bland.

And do I need to bother linking a bunch of articles where Xian whack jobs here in the US, just like you, killed their kids because "God told them to", or, because the Bible says to (paraphrasing) "Kill your kids if they don;t obey!"... Do I need to point you to those verses?

So, if you understand Islam, at all... They get their (Sharia) "Law" from the Old Testament, just like Jesus did, so they did as your own Bible (Old Testament) said to do. You just pick and choose what "laws" you want to follow, and what "laws" you want to inflict on others. You are a bigotted hipocrite, Eric.

People do sick sh|t in the name of their God, and are confident they are righteous... Just like you, Eric. Islam and Christianity both have good and bad, and each have their whack-job extremists that do horrendous sh|t. (I.e., Xians are no different than Muslims, other than the Addenda to the OT they follow)

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