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Feb 27, 2012, 1:51 PM

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Re: [traddad] They want you stupid and uneducated...
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traddad wrote:
...that way you're more controlable.
Willful ignorance: The pride of the Bush(2) administration now perfected in the Tea Party.

I think Rick Santorum deserves a "Darwin Award".

Thread title's a bit redundant.

Back on topic...

Average lifetime salaries are absolutely and unequivocally tied to level of education, as is unemployment rate in the inverse. The wealthy people who don't have college educations are outliers, not the norm. That Santorum would willfully ignore what is common sense and accepted wisdom based on statistical evidence is just one more reason why I really really REALLY want him to win the Republican nomination. Santorum 2012! Whee!

Edit: Of course college isn't for every person. But every person should have an opportunity to go, regardless of their family's financial worth. Bear in mind, I'm speaking as someone who does not have a college degree, and yet is intelligent, happy, healthy, well adjusted...

authored a book...

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