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Feb 28, 2012, 9:21 PM

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Re: [squierbypetzl] What kind of knife would you use?
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squierbypetzl wrote:
notapplicable wrote:
squierbypetzl wrote:
hillbillywannabe wrote:
I am thinking of giving a lady a knife. What kind of knife would you ladies be most likely to use, and carry?
This is not a knife that would be restricted to climbing.

Victorinox or Wenger multitools. They're not as rugged or strong as fixed blade or work-specific knives, and they'll require some care (avoid grit, occasional drop of oil to really take care of it) but with a little ingenuity you can get just about any job done.

ed: forgot to add: I gave an ex a small Vic. pen knife for her key chain. It has a surprisingly bright led bulb and ball point pen that she says have saved her on more than one occasion.

My biggest problem with multitools (which you touched on) is that the knife is usually the least useful accessory on the thing. The blade is usually thin, unstable and made from shit steel.

Don't get me wrong, multitools can be useful and I'd put one in my pack or camping tote but I'd never carry one as an every day knife. Of course I don't know the recipient. If the knife will spend most of it's life in a pack or purse, a multitool might just be the ticket.

If you need it for carpenters work, then yeah, get a task-specific fixed blade. Unless you're putting your knife through the wringer every other day, a good quality multitool should serve any normal city dweller well.

My dad gave passed his multi-tool knife down to me when I was a pup, and I've taken it on almost every trip I've ever been on (forrest, desert, jungle, tundra, beach) and it's almost perfect. The main blade's been through wood, fur, bone, climbing rope, tire rubber, leather, and it's still a decent blade. Obviously I don't use it for things it's not meant to do (McGuiver is but a story) but it's proved handy on innumerable occasions, and the OP did ask for a knife that would not be restricted to climbing use.

edit: if not this, what would you consider an everyday knife?

I've owned midgrade Victorinox and Gerber multitools and was disappointed with the blade on both. I didn't use either at work very often since I carry a folding razor knife on the job.

Right now I carry the knife below (non-serrated version). It has a retention clip, easy open blade and a reliable blade lock. It costs like $70 and is strong enough do what I need it to but cheap enough not too hurt if/when I break it and have to get a new one. Those are pretty much all the things I look for in an everyday knife.

Edit: Thought about this some more after signing off last night and wanted to qualify my reasoning a bit. For me, easy open blades, blade locks and retention clips are important features on a knife. Both for safety and functionality. They also allow the knife to serve as a defensive weapon. So I have a knife that can do 65% of what your average mutlitool can do (tighten screws, serve kitchen duty while camping, open cans, clean under my fingernails, pry loose flakes off a route, cut webbing, etc.) but I have more versatility in how I carry it, a safer blade design and a slim, ergonomic handle that feels good in my hand. Those a benefits I experience everyday and, IMO, outweigh not being able to fix the occasional bike chain or tighten the occasional nut.

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