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Mar 7, 2012, 5:37 AM

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Re: [majid_sabet] Solutions for pull testing ropes and slings?
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majid_sabet wrote:
USnavy wrote:
majid_sabet wrote:
USnavy wrote:
I have a pull back ram which works great to pull test metal gear. However the 6" stroke lacks the distance to pull test any soft goods. Does anyone have an idea of a pull back ram or similar device with a much longer stroke? I have seen people use winches and the sort, but I would rather stick with something a bit safer and more static.

its called PULLEY system but you probably do not know how to use it to get twice as much distance with 6"
Homeboy Majid Idoit, I cannot test soft goods like a rope or a piece of webbing with ONLY a 12" stroke, I need MORE travel distance than that. Beyond a 1:2, a 10T pull back ram is USELESS. It does not have the power or stroke to drive a pulley system any more COMPLEX than that. Once you get to a 1:3 and above, you have TOO much crap in the system, its going to stretch and eat up your travel distance, even if you are using steel cable. Also, with all the FRICTION from the turns, a 1:3 might give me at MOST 2000 lbs. on the load piece which wont cut it. Those 10T rams are NOT actually 10T, not with a hand pump anyway. The most I can get out of a hand pump and pull back ram is about 8000 lbs, and thats by STANDING on the handle.

activate the 10.000 lbs 135 feet cable and see where your project ends up.

Its going to end up right through your front window... Defiantly been there and done that, I have broken my share of winch cables. Try pulling out a Jeep that has a 6" lift with 305x75R16 swampers that is burred to door in gelled mud. I damn near stalled the winch out with only one cable wrap on the drum and I had a 12,000 lbs winch and 450' of cable. What are you doing in Yosemite in the winter anyway?

p.s, that POS push bar of yours is never going to hold 10,000 lbs, that thing would twist off the frame like a noodle, get yourself a real push bar that is actually designed for the winch you have. My bar warped out a bit when I [nearly] stalled my winch out that one night and I made it. Its made out of 3/8" AR200 structural I-beams welded with CoreX high strength .045 wire using 95/5 argon shielding gas on a 480 VAC Miller MIG welder. Not that you would know what any of that means.

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