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Re: [rschap] Anyone do Weight Training?
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You won't build muscle mass if you aren't eating to build muscle mass.

Has anyone here actually gotten strong, in a general weight training sense, before coming to the conclusion that weight training isn't helpful for climbers? Anyone here military press their bodyweight? Anyone deadlift three times their bodyweight?

It is possible to get extremely strong without adding much mass at all.

Look at this guy deadlifting 500 at a bodyweight of 123:

It's hard for me to believe that a person who can manipulate 500 pounds, hold it in his hands, wouldn't have an easier time manipulating his own slight bodyweight than a person who is only capable of deadlifting 135 pounds.

Take note of how little bulk there is on him. That's from years and years of weight training with heavy weights.

That is weight training. Going to the gym and following some Men's Health routine, or some outdated bodybuilder routine meant for someone at the top levels of competitive bodybuilding who's on all kinds of drugs, for a couple of weeks is not weight training.

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