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Mar 23, 2012, 7:44 PM

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Re: [shotwell] Anonymous post ratings: enough is enough
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shotwell wrote:
j_ung wrote:
TonyB3 wrote:
USnavy wrote:
Its pretty easy to remove the rating system. Just KillFile it. Or more specifically, Ad-Block Plus it away. Here is the new improved version of

Problem solved.

So the haters that one star you just to one star you, they are wasting their time, you wont even see their vote. Sly

The point of the star rating is to rate a post based on it's validity, not to stroke your personal ego. You can pull an ostrich move and hide your head in the sand, but virtually all of your posts get one starred and it alerts everyone else reading it to the fact that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and are dangerous to take any sort of advice from.

Bullshit. If the point is to rate posts based on the post's validity (and it is), not the user's popularity, then blanket 1-starring of anybody's posts is thoroughly counterproductive. I just saw one of usnavy's posts in another thread that was spot on... with one star.

Yea, but...but....but...TonyB3 just wants everyone to know he thinks USNavy and JT512 are big mean dummy heads. What good is a star system if it isn't used for this?

Seriously though, I see lots of great posts 1 starred. USNavy, JT512, Curt, and Lena Chita are all perpetually 1 starred. I don't value USNavy's opinion with those others, but the others are all quite high in my esteem. The system is worthless because the ratings are populated by fools and noobs.

Of course, I get a lot of 1 star posts as well. Especially when I'm right. Laugh

The system should be tweaked so that only users with 10K+ posts can rate other posts. That way only the most experienced folks are doing the rating.

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